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Husky Rescue soundtrack Levi ‘n’ Sky

Husky Rescue’s “Blueberry Tree Part 1” soundtracks the latest video by Levi ‘n’ Sky. Thanks to all the folks at Levi n Sky. Go to Finland it’s cold but it fucking rocks!

Catskills Music in new Stella Artois Advert

Shhhhhhh keep it real quiet but Catskills have yet another sync with a rather big commercial. We’re not saying who the artist is but we’re super happy about the usage. Looks and sounds rather fine. Thanks to the people at Mother NYC for making this happen.

Sonorous Star feature in new Trailer

We’re super pleased to have Catskills first ever release Sonorous Stars “Indian Motorcycles” featuring in not only the trailer but also the upcoming film “Without An Image”. Big up to the folks at Floating Horizon Films. People do extraordinary things :).

Stunning new video for Husky Rescue’s “Under Friendly Fire”

Husky Rescue ‘Under Friendly Fire’ video/single ‘Under Friendly Fire’ is the intense new video from Husky Rescue for their single of the same name. Directed by frequent collaborator, Miikka Lommi, the clip is a powerful, fierce and disturbing look at the hidden world of teenage bullying. The video features performances[…]

Pepe Deluxé Soundtrack Puma worldwide advert with Usain Bolt & Balotelli

The world’s fastest (almost supersonic) man, Usain Bolt runs to some rather good music, it seems. It’s quite surreal to think one of the greatest athletes of all time has now heard of little, old Pepe Deluxe on tiny, little Catskills. Not bad for “underground” music released with luck and[…]

Catskills Win Paris Sync Summit First Prize!

Yeah we’re badasses! Catskills won first prize in the Sync Competition at the recent Paris Sync Summit. The winning song was Feature Cast’s “Channel Surfing” it was selected as winner by none other than music supervisor Mary Ramos who has been music supervisor with Quentin Tarantino in some of his[…]

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